Program Fees And
Payment Options

The cost to enroll in a Public Health U module for students in Low- and Middle-Income Countries is $70 (Admin fee). After completing 8 modules, students are eligible for a diploma-level award. You may even be eligible to take the Dissertation (additional cost of $140) to gain the Master’s award. 


Total Cost (Diploma): $560 

Total Cost (Masters) $700


For those who wish to obtain the EUCLID MPH, there will be an additional payment of $300 (payable on graduation).


Note: There are limited opportunities for students from High-Income Countries to enroll. Public Health U utilizes the World Bank classification of countries based on their gross national income (GNP) per capita. From the list provided in this document, only half of them (1-29) will be considered high-income countries with limited enrollment. Students from any of these countries (1-29) will therefore pay the administrative fee of $300 per module and $600 for the Dissertation (please see the list below for reference). Fees are higher to subsidize our infrastructure and keep the fees low for students from low-income or middle-income countries. Students from high-income countries listed 1-29 on the World Bank list must receive approval from Administration before enrolling in the Master´s program.


High-Income Countries


1 Liechtenstein

2  Switzerland

3 Norway

4 Iceland

5 Luxembourg

6 United States

7 Ireland

8 Denmark

9 Qatar

10 Singapore

11 Sweden

12 Australia

13 Netherlands

14 Austria

15 Finland

16 Belgium

17 Germany

18 United Arab Emirates

19 Canada

20 Israel

21 New Zealand

22 France

23 United Kingdom

24 Japan

25 Kuwait

26 South Korea

27 Brunei

28 Italy

29 Spain


Instructions about the payment method will be sent when your application is approved.  Please read the Public Health U Financial Policies carefully.


 There are 3 methods of payment:


  1. Credit Card: Payment can be made online through Stripe. The URL to make the payment is SID.
  2. Bank Transfer: You can transfer money via bank wire transfer. An invoice with account details can be requested at If you pay via bank wire transfer, please, send a copy of your receipt to so that your profile can be updated. 
  3. Paypal: You also have the option of paying via Paypal. You will find the link to the Paypal interface here: SID.


Note: You have to replace “YOUR SID” with your SID number (four digits). To locate your SID, log on to the course website by clicking here:


Above your grade, you will see: “Most recent Registration Number (SID): XXXX”. This is Your SID. Copy the number, paste it next to the link, and copy the entire link to proceed with the payment.




Check the video below to learn how to find your SID and pay your administrative fee.

Fee Waivers, teaching assistantships, and bursaries are available to ensure that cost is not a barrier! 


Please read the following information carefully.

  1. Teaching Assistantships are offered based on a skills test and require a time commitment of 5-10 hours per week. Students must have passing grades in all courses to apply. 
  2. Fee Waivers are available for students with grades over 85%. New students must provide documentation of a grade over 85% in their last degree. Current students must have passed MPH courses at Public Health U at 85%. Limited slots are available.
  3. A limited number of bursaries are offered to new students who have a high commitment to continuing public health and global work and are interested in volunteer tutoring in the Public Health U program after they complete their first semester of courses. Students must have passing grades in all courses to apply.


You can contact us through this form for more information.

Fee Waivers, teaching assistantships, and bursaries are available to ensure that

cost is not a barrier!