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Are you planning to enroll in the MPH program?

For academic beneficial purposes, our program is designed to be taken in a specific order, with a maximum of 2 modules per semester. However, students with grades > 80 may enroll in more modules from their second semester onwards.


Our teaching and learning (e-learning) approaches may be new to you. The notes below are designed to help you decide if our masters-level courses are suitable for you.


Note: We want to ensure that you can maximize your learning in our masters-level program, and as such, it is essential that you read the resources on this site before you enroll in a module.


Do you feel confident in using an online system for learning?
It is worth spending a few minutes thinking about how confident you feel about using tools commonly used for online learning.

Online learning can be lonely. You do not meet fellow students or tutors face-to-face, so you must be prepared for independent study. We will offer support and contacts online and a clear timetable for study, but the onus is on you to be a mature, independent student.


Time requirements:


Although everyone learns at a different speed, it is important to remember that the modules/units offered through Public Health U are at the masters-level and require a considerable time commitment. You should allow at least 12 hours a week during a semester for each module you are enrolled in. For people who are new to online learning, it is worth thinking about the time investment that this involves. 


As a student, you will learn through reading learning resources, reflecting on how they apply in your setting, and sharing your reflections with expert tutors and other students. You will see there are several learning opportunities provided for you, all of them required to pass each module. In each course, you will find the following:


  • Learning resources: There are links to several downloadable resources, from articles to PowerPoint presentations.

It is helpful to summarize the most important points in each resource and try to link together what you have found in the separate resources as an overall summary of the topic.


  • Discussion Forums: For three topics in each module, the tutor will provide a question to prompt a discussion related to the topic. You are expected to actively participate in the discussion since it is an important part of the learning process at the masters-level.

We can learn a great deal by reading the messages from other learners studying the same topic. Other learners in the module can expand your knowledge, and sharing your opinions and ideas gives you a greater understanding of the topic.


  • Participating in peer or individual activities: You will encounter different activities that best suit the competency you are to achieve during the topic. This may vary from a case study to a debate with your peers.


  • Responding quizzes: A quiz is available at the end of the topic to help you reflect on the knowledge acquired.


  • Preparing assignments: Each course has one or more written assignments, where you will demonstrate your competencies acquired during the course and practice the skills required for the Dissertation.

Are you prepared for online learning – and do you have the time?

What standard is expected of me to pass a module?


We expect all students to achieve the competencies outlined for each course and the learning outcomes stated for each topic. This should be possible if you have carefully worked through all of the learning opportunities that have been provided.


Before you apply to enroll in the masters-level program, you should be sure that you:


  • Have carefully read the information mentioned above.
  • Are aware of your obligation to actively participate in all activities for each module.
  • Are aware of our educational policies.


Additional information:


 You will find helpful information in the Student Handbook.”


Take the following steps to begin your studies with us:


  1. Register: Complete the registration form for new students. 
  2. Complete the Public Health Basics: Preparing to Study course (This free course is taken for credit).
  3. Fill out the application form.


Read our Educational and Financial Policies before the semester courses start.

We want to ensure that you can maximize your learning

at the MPH program