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Public Health U is delighted to announce a partnership with EUCLID (Euclid University).


“EUCLID is a specialized intergovernmental organization established in 2008, holding a university mandate and charter published in the United Nations Treaty Series. It is among the world’s few “international/intergovernmental” universities and a full member in good standing of the key academic bodies, including the Academic Council on the United Nations Systems (ACUNS (, UN Academic Impact, UN PRME, etc. EUCLID is duly listed in the UNESCO IAU World Higher Education Database ( WHED ( which is used throughout the UN employment system (INSPIRA) and by credentials evaluators.” You can see more information about EUCLID and its accreditation in the Student Handbook through this link.

FAQ about EUCLID awards/degrees 

Each graduate of the Public Health U Masters-level program is eligible to obtain the EUCLID MPH once they have obtained a passing grade of 65% and above in all PHU MPH courses successfully. 


As part of our ongoing commitment to academic excellence and in alignment with the quality standards set by EUCLID.  A minimum pass rate of 65% is now required for degree conferral. This adjustment supersedes the previous requirement of a 50% pass rate for students who enrolled before Semester 21B.


For students who completed coursework under the previous 50% pass rate, the new policy applies. If you have attained less than a 65% pass rate in completed courses, you will need to pass the review competency course, Fundamentals of Public Health. This course is now mandatory for those seeking to have their degree conferred by EUCLID.


EUCLID has prepared this FAQ to answer the questions about the usefulness and recognition of the EUCLID MPH degree for Public Health U graduates. 


Public Health U graduates can be eligible to obtain the EUCLID MPH without extra coursework and enroll in the online EUCLID Ph.D. in International Public Health. The points below give some background to EUCLID.


  1. EUCLID was established by an intergovernmental treaty in 2008. In December 2012, the United Nations Secretariat confirmed that EUCLID was recognized as accredited and, therefore, its graduates were eligible to use their EUCLID degrees within the UN system.
  2. EUCLID is one of very few treaty-based or multilateral universities whose status has been approved or vetted by the United Nations. However, it is important to note that despite the high degree of credibility consequent upon being an UN-recognized university established by an intergovernmental treaty, this does not automatically provide degree accreditation under national laws. EUCLID has this status through its registration (headquarters agreement) in the Central African Republic (and The Gambia). Whenever needed, the permanent delegation of the Central African Republic to UNESCO has sent diplomatic notes to other permanent delegations to facilitate recognition and validation processes if such were needed. For instance, this was done successfully with Kenya in 2016.
  3. You can see more detailed information on EUCLID accreditation on two pages from the EUCLID website: and
  4. EUCLID was listed in the top 50 institutions in a major textbook published by Springer in 2016:
  5. EUCLID MBASD program was ranked number one of the world’s 17 best in 2016 (still current):


Many current and past EUCLID students, many of whom are senior government officials in their respective governments or international organizations, have sent letters of appreciation that are kept on file. We are currently updating our alumni reference page, which is found here:

Public Health U graduates are eligible to enroll in the online EUCLID

Ph.D. in International Public Health.